The invisible dangerous phenomenon

You can’t see

You do not hear

Do not you feel

What is that?

What is electrosmog?

The presence of electrosmog is not detectable to most people as long as there is no other effect that would affect our body and as long as it is constantly protected against electromagnetic interference. This allows us to stay in balance.

However, when these effects are too strong, our body produces symptoms, thus electrosmog interrupts normal cellular communication.

Electrosmog refers to all electromagnetic fields, whether natural or artificially excited, that cause stress in the human body by affecting the resting state of cells and thus negatively reducing the potential of the cell membrane.


These adverse effects can cause or even increase the risk of various diseases.

Their presence can be found everywhere where electrical appliances are used and they also occur in small quantities in nature.

Living organisms have always interacted with electromagnetic phenomena, as some of the radiation around us comes from natural sources.

Examples of such natural sources are cosmic background radiation, radio frequency signals from the Sun, or radio frequency pulses generated by lightning.

Because we do not directly feel the effects of electromagnetic pollution and physical symptoms do not appear immediately, it is difficult to identify and relate the causes.

It would be good if the symptoms were only e.g. they would be limited to colds but since these effects are permanent and may be ubiquitous, our body’s biological gauge will eventually break out of the accumulated stress. Because we do not recognize the symptoms, we associate them with everyday stress and viruses. You think it’s the easiest way.

For the last 40 years, the radiation level for an average urban resident has been at a natural level of approx. It has grown 350 times. This is why people have long been preoccupied with the question: What are the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation? How can these be measured?

Colorless. Odorless. Indestructible.
We have no senses with which to feel or experience its presence …

Let’s get to know more about it! Let’s measure it!


Determination of the load on the test environment.

Radiations are measured with certified instruments according to an international standard, the measurement, protocol documentation and technical recommendations for protection are made on the basis of a developed protocol. it is a process based on international standards, as a result of which the protection system we use complies with the SBM 2015 International Building Biology Recommendation.