The purpose of electromagnetic risk assessment, radiation measurement, force fields harmful to health, as well as electromagnetic radiation known as smog, can develop in the indoor air space of homes, institutions and offices. In order to filter out these force fields, an instrumental survey and risk assessment of the premises of the buildings is necessary.

Determination of the load on the test environment.

The assessment covers the following exposure limits:

Low frequency electric field (1Hz-400KHz)

Low frequency magnetic field (1Hz-400KHz)

High frequency electromagnetic fields (100KHz-6GHz)

Radon radioactive dose measurement

Airspace voltage relative to ground potential

In terms of content, the documentation prepared as a result of radiation measurement and risk assessment records the following:

the date, place and subject of the measurement risk assessment
the identity of the evaluator
hazard identification
• identification of those at risk and the number of people involved
risk aggravating factors
qualitative and quantitative assessment of the risks and determination of whether the conditions comply with the rules on occupational safety and health and whether it is ensured that the risks are maintained at an acceptable level
the necessary preventive measures, the deadline and the designation of those responsible
the planned next date for the risk assessment
the date of the previous risk assessment
• the risk assessment should be repeated every 3 years

The instrumental survey provides an overview of the physical, chemical and biological hazards that are present in the spaces around us, that is, in our workplaces, properties, living spaces where we are, we live our daily lives.

All test results are documented in a protocol, so potential problems are identified and form the basis of an effective control strategy.

The audited and laboratory partner and the certified instrumentation, as well as the preliminary measurements recorded in the report and the results of the control measurement after installation will be issued a certificate to the customer after installation.


The main purpose of setting limit values ​​is to protect the population and the environment from harmful or detrimental effects on the one hand, and to comply with the precautionary principle on the other. In addition, the limit values ​​do not primarily reflect the boundaries between insignificant and risk factors, but represent political and economic trade-offs between perceived health risks and economic considerations. The development of standards and limits is hampered by the fact that electromagnetic radiation cannot be ruled out at the level of civilization and technology of our time.

At the same time, it is an aggravating factor that the exposure of the population is constantly increasing. Scientists argue with each other, questioning limits, but there is agreement on two things:

• long-term effects are unknown
• exposure must be reduced

Prior to the installation of the radiation protection system, Decree 33/2016 EMMI and SBM 2008 use the Building Biology measurement method, which is documented in a protocol.


SHS Systems were measured and installed at the following locations.

Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa ***** superior

Rónaszéki és Társa Kft.

Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium

iTeam Holding Zrt.

Meséskert Óvoda

Zichy Park Hotel

Hypoxi Szépségstúdió

Cewe Magyarország Kft.
mérés, telepítés

5G Protection

Placed between the digital device and the case, it functions as telephone protection. Placed in other accessories (wallet, briefcase, bag) it acts as a personal electrosmog protection.

SHS 5G Savecard